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About us

Fischer CNC-Technik GmbH is a well-established company whose production is located exclusively in Neustadt an der Weinstraße. Here - in the heart of one of the best-known wine regions in the southwest of Germany on the edge of the Palatinate Forest - we have been producing consistent premium quality as a family-run mid-sized company for more than 30 years, every day facing the most diverse challenges in cooperation with our prestigious customers

In addition to being passionate about their profession, all of our employees apply the same high standards in their own work. This is also a promise of quality for every customer and is consequently firmly anchored in our company philosophy.

Trust and reliability are further essential elements in our close cooperation with our customers. For example, they can take our word for it when we promise them specific delivery times or recommend alternative manufacturing processes. Even if in exceptional cases this means that customer orders have to be turned down because it is already clear at the beginning that requirements regarding timelines, quantities etc. cannot be met. 

It is our conviction that in order to be able to compete in a dynamic and rapidly changing environment over many years, a German manufacturing company needs not only a solid philosophy, but also further sound cornerstones. These are above all the right machinery and the right workforce