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When it comes to machining a wide variety of materials for testing, development and special applications we are valued, tried-and-tested partners to a wide range of industries worldwide. Depending on customer specifications,  Fischer CNC-Technik manufactures a wide variety of high-strength materials in the thousandth of a millimetre range and, if required, provides them with an appropriate surface finish. 

The precondition for lasting market success is offering the right quality. In addition to a high level of delivery reliability and uncomplicated processes, this quality is firmly anchored in our company philosophy. In addition, we support all our customers with our decades of experience, starting at an early stage in the choice of the most economically appropriate material and later in any necessary modification of drawings or the manufacturing process. 

In order to be able to assess what can be achieved with decades of experience and committed daily operations, below you will find some selected highlights from our production which we are able to present in consultation with the respective customers.

Highlights of recent years

Materials & surface finishing

In addition to modern machinery, the basic prerequisite for high-precision production of various materials such as aluminium, titanium, chrome, cast iron, bronze or plastic is a well-trained team with experience in handling these metals and alloys. After all, mastering the various material properties requires a mixture of experience and passion for detail.

In addition to our experience in dealing with a wide range of materials, we also offer our customers the possibility of having finished products enhanced at selected suppliers without having to turn to third parties for this.