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For the managing directors and shareholders our flexible, well-trained and motivated employees are the most important capital and therefore the backbone of our company. The careful selection of employees in accordance with the company philosophy forms the basis for an agreeable working atmosphere in which employees can express their passion for their work anew every day (more on this under background information on jobs).

In addition, the continuous advancement and further training of each individual ensures a very high level of employee loyalty, which is expressed in an average length of service of 15 years. With a company history of only 34 years and cautious growth at the beginning of the company, this is quite remarkable. All this leads to the achievement of the highest quality targets and to production being extremely disciplined and professional.

The production team is complemented by a lean commercial department. Its tasks range from initial contact with customers to invoicing. The team is completed by Mr. Heinz Hahn, the architect and caretaker of our company grounds, who has been the heart and soul of the company for decades.